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Emi Calculator
Principal Home Loan Amount Rs.
Interest Rate % Per Annum
Loan Term Years


Monthly Instalment (EMI)

Rs. 10,460


Total Interest Amount

Rs. 1,560,476


Total Amount
(Principal + Interest)

Rs. 2,510,476

EMI ChartPrincipalInterestYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6Year 7Year 8Year 9Year 10Year 11Year 12Year 13Year 14Year 15Year 16Year 17Year 18Year 19Year 20Rs. 0Rs. 50,000Rs. 100,000Rs. 150,000Interest + Principal
Total PaymentPrincipal Home Loan AmountTotal Interest
YearPrincipal AmountInterest AmountBalance Amount
1Rs. 12,179Rs. 113,345Rs. 937,821
2Rs. 13,724Rs. 111,800Rs. 924,097
3Rs. 15,465Rs. 110,059Rs. 908,632
4Rs. 17,426Rs. 108,098Rs. 891,207
5Rs. 19,636Rs. 105,888Rs. 871,571
6Rs. 22,126Rs. 103,398Rs. 849,445
7Rs. 24,932Rs. 100,592Rs. 824,513
8Rs. 28,094Rs. 97,430Rs. 796,419
9Rs. 31,657Rs. 93,867Rs. 764,762
10Rs. 35,672Rs. 89,852Rs. 729,090
11Rs. 40,196Rs. 85,328Rs. 688,893
12Rs. 45,294Rs. 80,230Rs. 643,599
13Rs. 51,039Rs. 74,485Rs. 592,561
14Rs. 57,512Rs. 68,012Rs. 535,049
15Rs. 64,806Rs. 60,718Rs. 470,244
16Rs. 73,024Rs. 52,500Rs. 397,220
17Rs. 82,286Rs. 43,238Rs. 314,934
18Rs. 92,722Rs. 32,802Rs. 222,213
19Rs. 104,481Rs. 21,043Rs. 117,732
20Rs. 117,732Rs. 7,792Rs. 0
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